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Special Offers Updated : 10th December 2019.

ALL PRICING IN U.K.POUNDS (GBP £) ex works Stoke-on-Trent, UK


0no. 10.5/80-18 10pr BKT AS 504 T/L @ £TBC each

0no. 10.5/80-18 10pr BKT AT 603 T/L @ £TBC each

15no. 12.5/80-18 12ply BKT AT 603 @ £TBC

2no. 12.5/80-18 16ply BKT AT 603 @ £TBC

0no. 15.5/80-24 12ply BKT AS504 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 16.5/85-24 12ply BKT AS504 T/L @ £TBC

2no. 16.9-28 12ply BKT AS2001 T/T @ £TBC

0no. 16.9-28 12ply BKT TR459 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 1200R24 20ply BOTO BT168 160/157 Tyre & Flap only @ £TBC each

0no. 1200R24 20ply BOTO BT168 160/157 (Sets) @ £TBC each

0no. 1400×24 28pr BKT EM937 E3 T/L @ £TBC each

1800×25  premium brand port tyres available!

0no. 1800×25 40pr BKT Container King Ind-4 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 23.5R25 ** BOTO GCB5 185B/210A2 E3/L3 T/L @ £TBC each

0no. 23.5R25 ** BOTO GCA8 L5 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 26.5R25 ** BOTO GCA8 L5 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 26.5R25 ** BOTO GCA3 E3/L3 T/L @ £TBC each

4no. 26.5R25 Triangle TSMS+ L-5S TL Tyres – SOLD

0no. 29.5R25 ** BOTO GCA3 216B E3/L3 T/L @ £TBC each

0no. 29.5R25 ** BOTO GCB5  E4 T/L @ £TBC each

0no. 35/65×33 42ply BKT Loader Special SPL L5 T/L @ £TBC

0no. 875/65R33 ** Goodyear RL5K 6S 20/20 T/L @ £TBC each in stock usually within 5-7 days

0no. 29.5×35 34pr Firestone SRG E3 T/L @ £TBC each


Please contact for quotes on other sizes and manufacturer’s brands.

All Goodyear OTR can be in stock within 5-7 days subject to being available.

Batteries in bulk available for export

All subject to prior sale.

Ex works : Stoke on Trent U.K.

Pictures of the above tyres available if required.